Sarwanam’s students’ play “Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bharam”

Sarwanam’s students (names: see below) stage-managed and performed the play “Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bharam” from January 20th up to January 25th issueing the deadly superstition of a village community.

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“Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bharam”, performed by Firoj Basnet, Sangita Karkee, Pujan Lamichhane, Arjun Neupane, Kausal Pandeet, Deepesh Paudel, Binod Pun

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New play “banki pristha – remaining page”

We are performing the next own production of sarwanam theatre at the moment.

It’s written by the director Ashesh Malla and performed by the Sarwanam Theatre Group. 

It is called “bank pristha – remaining page” and works mostly with movements and less speech so that it’s for everyone easy to understand.

Come and watch!

We will perform this play until the  21.07.12 (Sawan 6) everyday at 5:30 in Sarwanam Theatre, Kalikasthan.

For more information please call 4438947, 9841978353, 9813121034.

You are most welcome at any time in Sarwanam Theatre. 

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new play “Burki” shown in Sarwanam Theatre

The time of the play “Sakuni Pasaharu” is already over.

From today we are showing a new play: “Burki”.

This play will not be performed by Sarwanam’s own theatre group.

The experimental theatre group “Rangasarathi” directed by Bijaya Bisfot will act this time.

Bijaya Bisfot works since 30 years in the field of theatre and the group “Rangasarathi” exists since 24 years.

They performed their dramas, written by the director himself, in many places in Nepal as well as abroad.

Now we are welcoming them in our Sarwanam Theatre from 17 of Baishak to 30 of Baishak.

The play “Burki” deals with one of Nepal’s biggest problems: the absence of drinking water in undeveloped remote areas as well as in developed areas like Kathmandu.

Bijaya Bisfot chose this topic because in his opinion water is more than a basic need,it is a fundermental right of all people.

Through this topic he also shows the big problem in politics between Nepal and India.

But the actors won’t figure them out for you in a direct way.You will have to find them yourself.Behind the words,behind the movements of the actors.

Do you think you are able to do this?
Come and try!

Every day from 17 to 30 of Baishak at 5:30 in Sarwanam Theatre,Kathmandu,Kalikasthan.

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Sarwanam’s Art Gallery is open!

Since 14 of Baishak our own Art Gallery is opened for public!

From 14 – 28 of Baishak Sarwanam Theatre gives space to the famous exhibition “SKIB – 71”.

SKIB – 71 is a painting exhibition of 4 renowned Nepali artists.

S: Sashi Shah

K: Krishna Manandhar

I: Indra Pradhan

B: Batsa Gopal Vaidya

The debut of Skib – 71 was more than 40 years ago in 1971. Since then the exhibition remained synonymous with the modernity in Nepali painting.

It is said that the artists created a new era of art because their paintings belong to the earliest examples of modernity in Nepal. In their paintings you can find new ways of thinking and new visual expressions.

So we are proud to present “SKIB – 71” in our Art Gallery for the next 3 weeks.

Our doors are opened every day for you.

It’s for free.  Come and see. 😉

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Sarwanam Theatre opened its hall!

Since 31. of March 2012 the theater and Art Center started living, after 8 years of preparation.

It includes not only an auditorium, but also an art gallery, a library and research center, an art workshop hall and a cafe.

Every evening at 5:30 Sarwanam’s own play “Sakuni pasaharu” written and directed by Ashesh Malla, director of Sarwanam Theater”, is shown in the auditorium that hosts up to 170 people.

The play is something like a modern twist to the mythology “Mahabharata”. That’s why we advise you to get to know this story before watching in case you don’t know it. In the play the original “Mahabharata” has been modified so that it fits into the present context. After watching our play you will realize that “Mahabharata” still exists. The characters like Duryodhana did not change but good person like Yudhisthir have started joining hands with the evil-minded Sakuni to earn more power and money.

Soon you may start developing sympathy for Duryodhana who actually is a bad person in “Mahabharata” instead of Yudhisthir and Arjuna..

Sarwanam’s theatre group spend a lot of time on the rehearsals for the play and the time was not wasted. While watching you can see that they know what they are doing and have fun doing it!


narrator – Bhinmaya Prajapti

Dhreetrastra – Ommani Sharma

Duryodhana – Ram K.A.C.

Yudhisthir – Ramesh Khadka

Sakuni – Nhuchchhe Shrestha

Arjuna – Shyam Khadka / Avineet Malla

Sanjay – Tika Bhakta Jirel

Bhardar – Shiva Prasad Adhikari

Nartaki – Meena Khadka

But I don’t want to tell you too much. Come and watch yourself!

The play will be shown until the 21. of April in our Sarwanam Theatre in Kalikhastan, the heart of Kathmandu.

Ticket prices are 100 and 50 rupees.

If you have questions, suggestions or anything to say please contact us!

Tel.: 014438947

Or if you are near by just drop in for a tea or coffee in our cafe Rangakarma.

Feel welcome!

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Opening of the new Sarwanam Dramatic Art Center

After years of constructing, planning and creating, Sarwanam will soon be able to proudly present to you the new Sarwanam Theatre- Building!

Therefore we planned a great Opening – Festival, located in the upcoming month.

The Festival will include a whole week of theatre and art. Thus the Sarwanam theatre group develops a new play called: “Sakuni Pasaharu”, which will be staged in Sarwanam’s self – constructed auditorium! Next to that some exquisite musicians will entertain you with classical and traditional music.

Furthermore the building provides an exhibition room, where fifteen different renowned painters of Nepal will present their art to you.

On top of that all people who are interested in literature can use our new library, which contains a variety of books about art, theatre, film and many more media and contents.

Meanwhile our new “Cafe Rangarkarma” will serve you tea, coffee and bakery items and other food.

For more information about the certain date please visit our official website soon:

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Tagoreka Patraharu

Wednesday , 11th of may, Sarwanam theatre-group performed at “Army Officers Club” on the occasion of the 150th birthday of the famous Indian poet “Rabindranath Tagore”. For this play called “Tagoreka Patraharu”, our director Ashesh Malla mixed different stories and poems written by Tagore into a single fluent coherent playwright. Therefore there was a narrator, who introduced the acted scenes by reading out extracts of Tagore’s stories and moreover connected the different storylines.

This technique of combining different stories into one single story till now has been an entirely new way for Sarwanam to express art as well as it was new for the theatre-culture of Nepal.

Furthermore the play had the typical characteristic of Sarwanam drama to be able to being put into an actual political and social context.

On top of that the whole play was supported by constant guitar, tabla – drum and harmonium – music and a variety of light effects.

Altogether the Sarwanam group gave a good show to the auditorium and many newspapers summarized the play as an impressing piece of drama.

Some Extracts:

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