Shyam’s Wedding

Shyam’s Marriage



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One week ago, Shyam, actor of the Sarwanam group was marrying and most of the Sarwanam members were pleased to join the wedding-ceremony at Wednesday the 15th as well as the delightful wedding party on the following day.

For this case also Luisa, a german volunteer and a friend of Johannes, Sarwanam’s volunteer, was visiting the ceremony by interest.

Unfortunately and by accident she took the wrong dress (Sari), which had the funny effect that some people on the street, on the way to the wedding location were thinking that the she might be the wife, who’s going to marry Johannes.

The ceremony took place at Guheshwori Mandir, a popular location for traditional hinduist’ weddings. After some problems about finding the right ceremony, because there were a lot of ceremonies going on at the same time, the Sarwanam members luckily reached the place with the help of Shyam’s nephew.

After beeing welcomed warmly by Shyam and some of his relatives, very soon the official marriage began.

As it was a traditional hinduist marriage, the process of the marriage was typical: Shyam’s wife, Sangita, was waiting with her female family relatives in one corner, while at the same time Shyam was getting blessed with mantra’s by a hinduist  priest, a symbolic act, which should prepare Shyam for a healthy and stable lifetime with his wife.

Meanwhile this quite long process a big and tasteful lunch was offered to the visitors.

Afterswards both husband and wife came together. Further as another traditional act, Sangitas family and relatives were washing husband’s and wife’s feet and drank the same water also. This purification-act is another blessing from god.

At the end all Sarwanam members joyfully blessed and greeted the new born husband and the new born wife.


About sarwanam

Sarwanam is a group of activists who create change in society with the means of theatre, especially street drama. The group was formed 30 yrs.
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