Sarwanam at “Park-Gallery”

At  the 13th of march, Sarwanam performed at the “Park Gallery” in Lalitpur due to the opening of a new art exhibition called “Future of History”, a collaborative art project by eight different painters and artists, including Ashesh Malla , Sarwanam director and Mukesh Malla, who is a renowned painter and also the research coordinator of the project.

The play called “Lokeswor” deals with the theme of Rato Machhendranath Jatra, a popular festival which is located at the end of April/ beginning of May in old Patan and initiates the beginning of the rain-season.

The short play had duration of 20 minutes and was therefore fitting very well as a play to welcome the visitors of the exhibition. The audience was a mixture of both young and old people. Also foreigners took a look on our play. All in all it was a very interesting, comfortable and for our group successful evening, because we saw a lot of paintings and the audience was greater than we expected!

Some pictures of the evening:

About sarwanam

Sarwanam is a group of activists who create change in society with the means of theatre, especially street drama. The group was formed 30 yrs.
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