new play “Burki” shown in Sarwanam Theatre

The time of the play “Sakuni Pasaharu” is already over.

From today we are showing a new play: “Burki”.

This play will not be performed by Sarwanam’s own theatre group.

The experimental theatre group “Rangasarathi” directed by Bijaya Bisfot will act this time.

Bijaya Bisfot works since 30 years in the field of theatre and the group “Rangasarathi” exists since 24 years.

They performed their dramas, written by the director himself, in many places in Nepal as well as abroad.

Now we are welcoming them in our Sarwanam Theatre from 17 of Baishak to 30 of Baishak.

The play “Burki” deals with one of Nepal’s biggest problems: the absence of drinking water in undeveloped remote areas as well as in developed areas like Kathmandu.

Bijaya Bisfot chose this topic because in his opinion water is more than a basic need,it is a fundermental right of all people.

Through this topic he also shows the big problem in politics between Nepal and India.

But the actors won’t figure them out for you in a direct way.You will have to find them yourself.Behind the words,behind the movements of the actors.

Do you think you are able to do this?
Come and try!

Every day from 17 to 30 of Baishak at 5:30 in Sarwanam Theatre,Kathmandu,Kalikasthan.

About sarwanam

Sarwanam is a group of activists who create change in society with the means of theatre, especially street drama. The group was formed 30 yrs.
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