Sarwanam’s Art Gallery is open!

Since 14 of Baishak our own Art Gallery is opened for public!

From 14 – 28 of Baishak Sarwanam Theatre gives space to the famous exhibition “SKIB – 71”.

SKIB – 71 is a painting exhibition of 4 renowned Nepali artists.

S: Sashi Shah

K: Krishna Manandhar

I: Indra Pradhan

B: Batsa Gopal Vaidya

The debut of Skib – 71 was more than 40 years ago in 1971. Since then the exhibition remained synonymous with the modernity in Nepali painting.

It is said that the artists created a new era of art because their paintings belong to the earliest examples of modernity in Nepal. In their paintings you can find new ways of thinking and new visual expressions.

So we are proud to present “SKIB – 71” in our Art Gallery for the next 3 weeks.

Our doors are opened every day for you.

It’s for free.  Come and see. 😉

About sarwanam

Sarwanam is a group of activists who create change in society with the means of theatre, especially street drama. The group was formed 30 yrs.
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