Sarwanam’s students’ play “Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bharam”

Sarwanam’s students (names: see below) stage-managed and performed the play “Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bharam” from January 20th up to January 25th issueing the deadly superstition of a village community.

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“Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bharam”, performed by Firoj Basnet, Sangita Karkee, Pujan Lamichhane, Arjun Neupane, Kausal Pandeet, Deepesh Paudel, Binod Pun

About sarwanam

Sarwanam is a group of activists who create change in society with the means of theatre, especially street drama. The group was formed 30 yrs.
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