Newsletter 2

Award distribution and Sarwanam´s drama on upcoming Saturday

This Saturday Nabin kala kendra (nabin art center) is going to award Mister Ashesh Malla, pioneer of street drama in Nepal and Director of Sarwanam Theatre Group for his outstanding work.

Next to the award distribution Sarwanam will also perform one of their recent dramas called „Questions“.

Venue: Nabin Kala Kendra, Kalikasthan

Date: July 10th, 2010

Starting Time: 4pm

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Glimpses of Drama and Opera

At the end of May Sarwanam in cooperation with Nepal Music Centre presented a unique event! For the first time in Nepal opera, music and drama were shown on one stage. Sarwanam’s special guest, the German opera singer Angelika Norwidat presented different arias and fully grabbed the audience’s attention. Nepal Music centre performed a flawless medley of various folk tunes and finally Sarwanam’s actors convinced by acting well chosen scenes from their most recent and popular plays.

After the show the different artists stayed for a meet and greet and exchanged some chat.

Recent Events: Small Street Drama in the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley, containing information on the proper use of water

Sarwanam recently conducted a small street drama tour in the outskirts of Kathmandu.In cooperation with “Indigenous Helpless Children and Women Development Organization” Sarwanam staged a comic play to increase awareness for the importance of responsible water consumption.

The play focused on two main aspects:

1.) Carefully washing hands before eating

2.) To only drink filtered water

in order to avoid water borne diseases.

Sarwanam conveyed these messages through a very entertaining play that told the story of one village’s villain. This character terrorizes the other inhabitants of the village and gives them a tough time, stealing their money and also their food.

Greedily, he eats all the snacks and licks his fingers. Afterwards he drinks from the village’s tab, ignoring two ladies’ protest.He is about to glorify himself as the strongest and most powerful man in town, when he breaks down, suffering from stomach cramps.While he is in pain, two mean germs enter the stage and tease him. But in the end, they are also swept away by soap.

The play was performed in the villages of Jitpur (Kathmandu District), in Bhaktapur on Durbar Square and in Suryabinayak and in Lalitpur District in front of students of two schools in Jharuwarashi and Chhampi. The cheering and laughing audience highly approved Sarwanam’s performance.


Sarwanam organized TOT (Training of Trainers) in Art Gallery `Sarwanam` from July 1-5, 2010. The skilled TOT trainer and visual artist Mukesh Malla conducted the workshop. Since he is giving these trainings for 20 years the participants could profit from his experience and learn many new techniques and methods. Due to the participatory approach of the training the Sarwanam members could easily apply their new knowledge. Most important priority of the TOT is that the participants involve practically. On the last day everyone did “5 minutes micro teaching” and received feedback later on.

Continuation of Amnesty International’s play on working migrants

After a delay of one month the street drama tour for Amnesty International commenced last Saturday.

The topic of the street play written by human rights activist Krishna Pahadi is uneducated Nepali people leaving their country to work and earn abroad.

Unfortunately, due to exploitation and lack of rights many of them find themselves in a nightmarish situation.

The street play exemplifies the story of one young man who leaves Nepal full of hope and expectations just to suffer grief hardships and disappointments when he has an accident in a factory and is fired then.

Sarwanam travelled to different districts and performed in front of communities from which many people emigrate.

Sarwanam’s journey included Pokhara, Narayangat, Palpa, Butwal and some other places.

Om Mani-Ba´s 70th Birthday

On the 23rd June, we were all happy to celebrate Om Mani-Ba’s 70th birthday together and organize a small surprise party for him.Om Mani Sharma is not only the most senior member of Sarwanam, next to Ashesh-Sir, he’s also the only one who was there from the start and has seen all 30 years of Sarwanam.

We hope that he will be acting, smiling and struggling with us for many more years and dramas and heartily wish him all the best!!

Acting Workshop with the trainees of UCEP

On Sunday, the 27th June 2010 three members of Sarwanam Theatre Group conducted a lively and wonderful acting workshop at UCEP, Sano Thimi

It was Johanna Tückmantel, UCEP´s weltwärts volunteer, who actually came up with the idea of a drama workshop in her organization to introduce the trainees there to basic dramatic techniques.

So last Sunday Ram, Sushila, Sashay and me, Rebecca, went to Sano Thimi to give a workshop.

The Sarwanam trainers started with some introduction and chanting „Aum“together.

As theatre was a new thing to most of the participants, the trainers started with some games to help the trainees develop their imagination and to wake up their bodies. They painted the room in new imaginary colors for example or shook a stone through their bodies.

After a break for snacks the participants were given some input about the nine different emotions. With the help of four different squares, or rooms they also imagined themselves feeling these different emotions and expressed them on their faces and also with their body language. It was quite remarkable how angry some got, or how they fell in love or wandered around proudly.

The trainees as well as the trainers enjoyed this Acting Workshop and all agree on one point: one day is not enough! We really hope that they will follow their interest and establish a regular theatre meeting and who knows…maybe there’ll be a next training.

Thanks to Sarwanam´s trainers!!!!!!

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