To love one´s country

To love one´s country is to be honest

When I got to know the Sarwanam Theatre Group first and saw some clips taken from former plays, I was surprised about their offensive way to handle sensitive and problematique issues like violence against women. I began to wonder wether their attitude towards Nepal was a negative one. I wondered wether they always focused on problems and put their fingers in wounds. I asked myself if their philosophy was criticism only.

But after some time I came to the opposite conclusion:

in case you love your country, you can´t do him greater harm than to pretend everything is superfantastic. The worse the oppression, the louder are the cheers that praise the country.

The worse a dictator, the more he is fond of creating a false illusion of perfectness.                                            And loves to be photographed with a child in his arms.

So in case you love your country and you want to change things to the better, if you want to create change that improves life for all, you have to dare to face the unpleasent aspects of a society and talk about them.

Being honest. This is the only way. Who profits if you remain silent? Only the ones who profit from injustice.

If you meet somebody like Mr Ashesh Malla who devotes his life and his energy on reflecting about problems and social taboos, on making them public and initiating an open dialogue, you can be sure that he is the one who loves his country most because he offers his home a real chance to face a better future.

2 Responses to To love one´s country

  1. Rajan Kathet says:

    mere saying “I love my country” is just like a political thing as our dirty politicians play…. We have already initiated something for a better Nepal….. see this Ktm Cycle City

    • sarwanam says:

      Dear Rajan!
      Thank you for your comment and the link!
      Sounds really good what you are suggesting about a cycle city! During bandha I was also thinking about that. No noise, horns, pollution and so on would definitely improve the quality of life here..
      And a bicyle can be used when there´s petrol shortage and most of the time even during bandha..
      Great option for Nepali transport. And your fear of being killed in traffic also declines:)
      The superiority of motorbikes over bycicles is even reflected in the language here… Quite funny, when I came to Nepal, I always thought people talked about bicyles when they said „Bike“. Because in Europe a bike is a bicycle. I was quite surprised you needed a license for a bike (I thought bicycle..)
      Anyway, to come back to loving one´s country, I wrote this text in September. I didn´t mean to comment on the present situation. Still: it is about a man who has proven so many times, that he loves his country, but in contrast of all politicians; not by his words, but by his deeds. Because for almost 30 years he dedicates all his life on writing and directing plays about Nepal. Aimed at changing it to the better, promoting democratic values and stand up against discrimination and violence…

      On your profile I read that you are also interested in drama? Did you ever hear of „cycle drama“?
      That is a form of theatre used by an Indian theatre group, who are friends of us. I never saw it, but it sounds very interesting. If you like me to, I will contact them and ask for more information, maybe one day we could even conduct a common project with „Kathmandu cycel City“ and promote the idea of „cycle city“ with drama on bicycles??????
      Just let me know if you are interested!!!
      Again, nice to hear from you, thanks for your comment.
      Actually, it was the first one:)

      Let´s stay in touch! Are you on facebook?



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